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  The Spring Festival approaching, see the crowded picture ticket waiting in long queues, the train from the TV and hear the Railway Bureau additional temporary trains, cars can not buy tickets for migrant workers motorcade escort and other reports, I always not to regard it as right. During the Spring Festival this year, I went back to my hometown in Hubei with my father and mother, and I had a real experience of the taste of "Spring Festival".

  We take Yichang to Beijing West K50 train, because too many people, even ten days ahead of time is only to buy a ticket for standing room, so we bought three small bench. At eight p. m., the ticket began to check, the crowd began to rush to the ticket, and I moved slowly along with the crowds. Out of the ticket gate, people dragged their luggage and ran to the carriage. The trunk made a buzz on the floor, and I ran too fast. There seemed to be a pre war tension on the platform.

  It was not easy to squeeze into the car, and a hot air came, and the windows of the glass were mogged and dripping from time to time. I quickly took off his jacket and sweater, head kept sweating, had to roll up the sleeves, a lot of people stripped down to a thin shirt, but he kept shouting heat. At this time, I heard someone say that the temperature in the carriage is never lower than that in Sanya, Hainan. This is a bit exaggerated, but it is a bit in line with the actual situation.

  The car is not only hot, but also very crowded. People can not get their feet in, want to cross a car, no one hundred sentences are not going to go, and "thank you", and "drive". This does not, we have used the language arena: dear brothers and sisters, we go out in the outside, is not easy, please let me in "my mom and dad has been to break up the crowd, I had to do it yourself to find a piece of a place to live in. Not easy to find a gap in many legs, I tried the bench ed down: the left pressure point, then press the right; it is ed diagonally down, but what is not. Finally the bench down, trouble again: simply sit down, because both sides are too crowded. Hey! It&


39;s very bad to squeeze the train.

  Because our car is deep, water is not convenient, and the temperature is too high, people with drinking water was almost gone, it brought a lot of business to sell water staff, selling a door just shouting loudly, passengers have him give me two bottles of "I want three bottle", also did not go to the middle of the car, two bales of three yuan a bottle of mineral water is sold out, we also bought two bottles, but I did not dare to drink, afraid of the toilet. In a moment, and a fruit, a door will shout: "timely assistance!" The crowded compartment becomes more crowded, "what is clearly" timely assistance, "one disaster after another!

  About ten o&


39;clock, I was a little sleepy, and my head jolted along with the bump of the train. Later, I heard my mother saying that a nice aunt leaned my head on her leg and I fell asleep. Then I didn&


39;t know what happened in the car.

  After returning to my hometown, I don&


39;t feel that it is easy to experience a "Spring Festival". If people can stay in the home life, do not have to run to and fro looking for work, then, the spring will no longer is a trouble?


  When I see the TV series, the image of good person is to keep silence all the time, so that they won’t get into the trouble or cause problem.

  It seems that silence is gold, it is good to keep silent. While I think silence is not always gold, sometimes people need to give their explanation,

  they should tell the truth, so that others won’t have to get the wrong information and do the wrong thing. Silence works when people get argued, to be silent can help them calm down and have time to clear their minds.

  At most of the time, people should express their thoughts and let everybody knows you, silence will make you nobody.


  If I am a cloud.At a time when the land of drought,people rise into the sky cried:"Baiyun you,please you to get together quickly,give us a heavy rain under it." Deeply moved by these words my heart,I have to think of by "If the clouds are."

  If I am a white clouds,sunrise time,I have to let the sun shine on me,it turned into a red roses; into a mighty lion,so that people gave me put an exclamation point.

  If I were a white clouds,I will be blown up big desert.At this time,perhaps my is a grandfather of more than 60-year-old body can not afford to step one before,and issued a weak mouth,"water,water ." sound,dying to go thirsty.I am sad to shed a drop of tears,tears that drip Jingying to escape grandfather die clearance.Grandfather to see his smile,than the hearts of people ate honey sweet also.

  At a time when the land of drought,people rise into the sky cried:"Baiyun Baiyun you,please you to get together quickly,give us a heavy rain under it." Deeply moved by these words my heart,I have to think of by "If 1 clouds are." If I were a white clouds,sunrise time,I have to let the sun shine on me,it turned into a red roses; into a mighty lion,so that people gave me put an exclamation point.If I were a white clouds,I will be blown up big desert.At this time,perhaps my is a grandfather of more than 60-year-old body can not afford to step one before,and issued a weak mouth,"water,water ." sound,dying to go thirsty.I am sad to shed a drop of tears,tears that drip Jingying to escape grandfather die clearance.Grandfather to see his smile,than the hearts of people ate honey sweet also.If a person is white clouds,the hot sun at the time,into the rain,so that people can keep cool.White clouds,white clouds...Then at me as if the sky blue,and explore the mysteries of it for people to contribute.


  As Im growing up, I am facing both frustration and gains. First, let me talk about my frustration. As I am going to a higher grade, I have more and more home work, and the study is getting more and more difficult. So I have leand letime to play with my friends and classmates. But, at the same time, I am learning more knowledge. I understand more things and I am happier and happier. I am also ma-ki-ng more and more friends. I have more hope towards the future. The most important is I am learning more responsibilities as I am growing up.

  Dim lamp, I looked at the cup of tea, boiling water, the impact of time and time again, let me feel the fragrance of tea. That bitter taste in his mouth, a point slightly sweet, but also by my greedy mouth to the occupation, and eyes dim, hazy outlines of the memory, can no longer be hazy memory already.

  Work as much as "cook a meal," a playful little, the teachers serious "inhibition" the laughter of the Miao, the pressure of the heavy, "created" in the dreams of us - growing pains. Open the heavy book of memories, that little thoughts, perhaps tired of back and some memories back.

  "At first" arrive, I am a fragile being "enemy" aimed at the "vulnerability" opened a fierce shot, that vulnerable, I, in the "blood" at the expense of ground could be a "sleeping inside burning the midnight oil to see volume, Dreaming rang Beishi "and I once again stood up. Those days are dark, puzzled me, and learn and sometimes I have to find a seat has not yet withered and yellow grass, and sometimes a desk, windowsill side to see the rows of trees standing in the distance is hard, for the only be able to issue a final touch of Brilliant Green. What are those trees? I have no way of knowing what effect this relationship? As long as they are trees, would be sufficient. When I looked at them a daze, the heart will be a myriad of thoughts, when my eyes back to the tree when the mood suddenly see the light, the pressure disappeared and instead engaged in learning among busy.


  My strongest memory of Christmas will always bound up with1) a certain little cat.I first saw her when I was called to see one of Mrs.Ainsworth’ dogs,and I looked in some surprise at the furry2) black creature sitting before the fire.“I didn’t know you had a cat,”I said.

  The lady smiled.“We haven’t,this is Debbie,at least that’s what we call her.She’s a stray.Comes here two or three times a week and we give her some food.I don’t know where she lives but I believe she spends a lot of her time around one of the farms along the road.”

  As I watched she turned,crept soundlessly from the room and was gone.“That’s always the way with Debbie,”Mrs.Ainsworth laughed.“She never stays more than ten minutes or so,then she’s off.”

  Mrs.Ainsworth was a plumpish3),pleasant-faced woman in her forties and the kind of client veterinary4) surgeons dream of --well-off ,generous,and the owner of three cosseted5) Basset hounds.And it only needed the habitually mournful expression of one of the dogs to deepen a little and I was round there posthaste.

  So my visits to the Ainsworth home were frequent but undemanding,and I had ample opportunity to look out for the little cat that had intrigued me.On one occasion I spotted her nibbling daintily from a saucer at the kitchen door.As I watched she turned and almost floated on light footsteps into the hall and then through the lounge6) door.The three Bassets were already in residence draped snoring on the fireside rug,but they seemed to be used to Debbie.

  Debbie sat among them in her usual posture:upright,intent,gazing absorbedly into the glowing coals.This time I tried to make friends with her.I approached her carefully but she leaned away as I stretched out7) my hand.However,by patient wheedling and soft talk I managed to touch her and gently stroke her cheek with one finger.There was a moment when she responded by putting her head on one side and rubbing back against my hand,but soon she was ready to leave.Once outside the house she darted quickly along the road then through a gap in a hedge,and the last I saw was the little black figure flitting over the rain-swept grass of a field.

  It must have been nearly three months before I heard from Ainsworth,and in fact I had begun to wonder at the Bassets’ long symptomless run when she came on the phone.

  It was Christmas morning and she was apologetic.“Mr.Herriot,I’m so sorry to bother you today of all days.I should think you want a rest at Christmas like anybody else.”But her natural politeness could not hide the distress in her voice.

  “Please don’t worry about that,”I said.“Which one is it this time?”

  “It’s not one of the dogs.It’s...Debbie.”

  “Debbie?She’s at your house now?”

  “Yes...but there’s something wrong.Please come quickly.”

  Mrs.Ainsworth’s home was lavishly decorated with tinsel and holly,rows of drinks stood on the sideboard and the rich aroma of turkey and sage-and-onion stuffing wafted from the kitchen.But her eyes were full of pain as she led me through to the lounge.

  Debbie was there all right,but this time everything was different.She wasn’t sitting upright in her usual position;she was stretched quite motion less on her side,and huddle close to her lay a tiny black kitten.

  I looked down in bewilderment.“What’s happened here?”

  “It’s the strangest thing,”Mrs.Ainsworth replied.“I haven’t seen her for several weeks then she came in about two hours ago--sort of staggered into the kitchen,and she was carrying the kitten in her mouth.She took it through the lounge and laid it on the rug,and at first I was amused.But I could see all was not well because she sat as she usually does,but for a long time--over an hour--then she lay down like this and she hasn’t moved.”

  I knelt on the rug and passed my hand over Debbie’s neck and ribs.She was thinner than ever,her fur dirty and mud-caked.She did not resist as I gently opened her mouth,a knell sounded in my mind.

  Mrs.Ainsworth’s voice seemed to come from afar.“Is she ill,Mr.Herriot?”

  I hesitated.“Yes...yes,I’m afraid so.She has a malignant growth.”I stood up.“There’s absolutely nothing you can do.I’m sorry.”

  Mrs.Ainsworth reached out and lifted the bedraggled black morsel.She smoothed her finger along the muddy fur and the tiny mouth opened in a soundless miaow.“Isn’t it strange?She was dying and she brought her kitten here.And on Christmas Day.”

  The tears had dried on Mrs.Ainsworth’s cheeks and she was bright-eyed as she looked at me.“I’ve never had a cat before,”she said.

  I smiled.“Well it looks as though you’ve got one now.”

  And she certainly had.The kitten grew rapidly into a sleek,handsome cat with a boisterous8) nature which earned him the name of Buster.On my visits I watched his development with delight.

  As I looked at him,a picture of health and contentment,my mind went back to his mother.Was it too much to think that that dying little creature,with the last of her strength,had carried her kitten to the only haven of comfort and warmth she had ever known in the hope that it would be cared for there?Maybe it was.

  But it seemed I wasn’t the only one with such fancies.Mrs.Ainsworth turned to me and though she was smiling her eyes were wistful9).“Debbie would be pleased,”she said.

  I nodded.“Yes,she would...It was just a year ago today she brought him,wasn’t it?”

  “That’s right.”She hugged Buster to her again.“The best Christmas present I ever had.”


  Why Body Language Is Important? 为何肢体语言如此重要?

  When you learn a foreign language,you must learn more than the vocabulary and the grammar. To communicate successfully, you must also learn the non-verbal language, or “body language”of that culture. “Body language” is a term used to describe facial expression,gestures, and other movements of the body that send messages. This means of communication is so important that we may actually say more with our movements than with words.


  For some messages, words are not enough. Speaking a foreign language is sometimes difficult because we may not understand the non-verbal signals of another culture. For example, nodding the head up and down is a gesture that may communicate different messages in different parts of the world. In North America, it means “I agree”. In the Middle East, nodding the head down means “Iagree” and up means “I disagree”. In a conversation among Japanese it often simply means “I’m listening”.


  Eye contact is also very meaningful, but it can also mean different things indifferent countries. In some Spanish-speaking countries, children show respect to an old person by not looking directly into the person’s eye during aconversation. In other cultures, looking into a person’s eye is expected. For example, if you don’t do it in the United States, people may think that you areafraid, embarrassed, or angry. In the Middle East, direct eye contact in a conversation is more continuous than in many other parts of the world. People who are not used to this may feel uncomfortable.



  It is reported that ten big cities in China are being ranked among the top twenty cities with the highest pollution index in the world. This means it is high time we did something to bring the situation under control.

  Many factors are contributing to the deteriorating situation: industrial wastes pumped into the air, the lakes and rivers; a increasing number of automobiles crowding into the streets; the widespread use of plastic bags etc.

  To my view, stiffer laws and regulations must be implemented to check pollution. Industries that release wastes without permission should be heavily fined. Cars should be equipped to minimize the exhaust they release into the air. And the use of plastic bags and disposable meal boxes should be banned. What’s more, the media should play an important role in implanting a sense of environmental consciousness into people’s mind.

  If everybody works toward a common goal of making the environment better, we can create a cleaner and lovelier world for us and for the coming generation.


  Premier Li Keqiang introduced the concept of the "spirit of the craftsman" during his government work report during the fourth session of the 12th National People&


39;s Congress.

  Recently, our manufacturing industry is big but not strong and it is weak in independent innovation. To carry forward the spirit of the craftsman will drive China from a manufacturer of quantity to a manufacturer of quality.

  We will move faster to bring domestic quality and safety standards in line with international standards, and establish a system for making products pay punitive compensation for failing to meet product quality standards. We will also encourage enterprise to use flexible and custom-tailored production processes and foster a craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best, so that more types of products, products of a higher quality , and brand products will be made.


  Today’s youth do things in their own ways, spend money on whatever they want and talk to people in their own languages——personality development is ○1overstated by young people these days. To some of them, personality means to be totally different from who their parents used to be.

  But the problem is that during their pursuit of their personal goals they ignore some of the traditional virtues of which their ○1forefathers were proud. Take the question of ○2fidelity to elders for example. With better education and different experiences, some young people find it’s hard to agree with their parents any longer. They have a feeling of superiority and even sometimes ○3turn their back on their elder parents.

  To me, personality development and traditional virtues ○1have nothing to do with right or wrong. In our society, we need them both. These virtues help you to become a better Chinese, while personality development will improve your own character.


  Spring Festival transportation is a unique vocabulary. In the eyes of travelers, it is the way for millions of people to go home, but in the eyes of railway users, it is a pronoun for efforts to pay and bear responsibilities.

  On the second day of the first year of the year, we were late at the end of the night, and everyone went to eat the night. When the night - night owner takes the meal up, "the boss, a bottle of beer." Someone shouted. At this time, a colleague suddenly said: "don&


39;t drink, but also tomorrow look."

  We listen to the first one, immediately with a smile, the wine into a cola beverage. Although the holidays, although just ride back, but we are Locoman, second days and work tasks. The locomotive crew, for blood alcohol before can&


39;t catch. In case of not holding and drinking more, not only second days can not make a ride, but also to disrupt the locomotive Road, the impact of second days of the work arrangement. Our work is related to the safety of railway transportation, passenger travel is safe, the hand brake handle gives us extraordinary responsibility, we should make a different choice.

  During the meeting, the train whistle sounded in the distance, and in our laughing away. After the drunken driving, the warm scenes of the reunion of the passengers and relatives flashed in front of my eyes. I like to smile, to advocate affection, and to yearn for a happy life. There is no wine, and what is it? Work and work, as long as safe, as long as the heart, it is not a kind of happiness.


  Winter, quietly came to earth, he blows the whole world blown into powder loaded jade puzzle, he blow down feather-like snow, he blow to the peoples favorite winter, festive atmosphere permeated people heart.

  "Ah! What a beautiful snow ah!" I can not help but shout out from the bottom of my heart! He looked up at the snowflakes floated down rustled. I opened my mouth, to block that of drift snow, a piece of icy cold snow into water droplets flow down the cheeks down, so I feel the winter cold beauty. Its beauty, beauty is not empty, is that the fascinating, beautiful, people revel in this snowy.

  After school, ho! What a magnificent snow, the earth after the snow covered with snow everywhere, has become crystal fairy-tale world. Rows of trees are proudly blooming garden trees "Silver Flower" in the sunshine shining white light moving, I like entering a fairy tale snow let me reluctantly, but the leaves of willow branches off the light, side dropped a lot of exquisitely carved silver bullion child. Really "suddenly, such as spring night, the Trees of pear blossoms," Yeah! That silver bullion containing child like pear is put open, seems to have emerged a spring scenery, like a dulcimer wonderful Qinming. Jade crumbs that have fallen children, swayed the sun flashing colorful colors dress up with this wonderful world. Magpie branches have been intoxicated by snow this truer among motionless stopped for a long time, it really looks like a handsome man fly, gradually from the white world slowly disappeared. Snow is beautiful for me, but more particularly, many children "toy." Snowball fights, snowmen, skiing etc ...... I tempted to participate in our hospital in the snow battle game, a fierce battle snow the upcoming game.

  After the winter quietly complete their mission, in the arteries of Mother Nature cohesion, until the time of spring, and then nourish new life, dedicated to the world a more splendid spring, so that our country more beautiful exotic beauty.


  learning english is much more than a fad; it is really a must! lets take a look around us: the latest information around the world is written in or translated into english. to keep up with the ever-changing world, we must be equipped with a good command of english. from a more practical point of view, armed english is one of the most important required subjects for the university and high school entrance exam. to do well on the exam, we must, again, study hard to score high in the subject.

  frankly, my english is not good. but i have been doing my best to improve my english in order to pass the college entrance examination .in my case, i force myself to memorize at least a few new words every day because a large vocabulary is essential in learning english well. second, i review some grammar rules every week, which helps me make fewer mistakes in writing english. third, i read short articles and then write an english composition every other day.

  i hope to get high marks in both reading and writing. now my english is improving day by day, and i hope i can do well in the english test for the coming college examination.


  Not since when, growing pains, in combination with many complaints to let out of me, this topic good kind. Xin qiji once said: "young not sorrow taste". Perhaps his boyhood carefree, along with the continuous development of history, the more trouble, all left us.

  As I grew up, there are a lot of troubles around me. In school, most of things to talk about with parents, not only because they will talk a long, not I say one word, and my ears also cant stand so I cant take any more, I just want to own a piece of blue sky, why are you so selfish take it, is want to know me? I returned to the room, feel oneself have nothing, alas! Why parents in total want to know when we grow up, we dont want to let us have his own ideas, alas! So cruel!

  Our lives are filled with seven colors sunlight, but even in the sunshine, also appears unavoidably short clouds. The young, there will be some lingering worries. These troubles from life, from study, the communication with students from... However, there is worry is not terrible, the key is to correct it. From now on, let us together, eliminate worries, clean with colorful dream maturity.


  After the stealing of fire,Zeus became increasingly unkind to men.One day he ordered his son Hephaestus tobuild an image of a beautiful maiden out of clay.He then asked the gods and goddesses to award her with different kinds of gifts.Among others,Athena clothed her in an attractive coat and Hermes gave her the power of telling lies.A charming young lady,she was the first woman that ever lived.Zeus called her Pandora.Because she had received from each of the gods and goddesses a gift.The gift was harmful to men.

  Zeus decided to send her down to men as a present.So Hermes them essenger brought her to Epimetheus,brother of Prometheus.The greatness of her beauty touched the hearts of all who looked upon her,and Epimetheus happily received her into his house.He had quite forgotten Pometheus warning:never to accept anything from Zeus.The couple lived a happy life for some time.Then trouble came on to the human world.

  When he was busy with teaching men the art of living,Prometheus had left a bigcask in the care of Epimetheus.He had warned his brother not to open the lid.Pandora was a curious woman.She had been feeling very disappointed that her husband did not allow her to take a look at the contents of the cask.One day,when Epimetheus was out,she lifted the lid and out itcame unrest and war,Plague and sickness,theft and violence, grief sorrow,and all the other evils.The human world was hence to experience these evils.Only hope stayed within the mouth of the jar and never flew out.So men always have hope within their hearts.


  On the annual New Years eve, every family is busy with the Spring Festival couplets and firecrackers, and everywhere is filled with festive and cheerful atmosphere. On New Years eve, our family of three is no exception, while eating the New Years eve dinner to look for Chinas "annual flavor".

  Listening to mom and dad, I thought: I like this in Shanghai metropolis "native" after "00", they this generation of Chinese New Year with my parents way is different, the main is to use a variety of electronic products, and through the Internet and home relatives "reunion". Want to chat with distant relatives, can use QQ, WeChat or microblog private letter way; If you want to see each other, you can use video. If you want to give a gift to your elders, you can go to the Internet and send it to the other persons home. Of course, the lucky money doesnt have to be paid in cash. It goes straight to my online bank account.So I said my thoughts. "But," I said, "this New Years eve, while eliminating the home of the journey, but always feel lack the family of that kind of sweet taste, why dont we go home New Years day next year!" My father and mother said "yes" in chorus.

  At this time, we seemed to hear the laughter of distant hometown.





  Today is mother's day, my mother took me to my grandma's house and bought a new dress as a gift for grandma.

  My mother works very hard in the unit, I do the cooking, the laundry, the tutoring I study more hard at home, how should I thank her?

  When you eat at noon, I said to mother: "mom, I'm sorry, I have no gift this year, later, I must study hard and make next year with a good result have mother's day to you!" The mother's face smiled as a flower and said, "this is the best present!"


  What jumps into our sight is a shocking scene: a strong worker is concentrated on sharpening his sword printed with the words of “MADE IN CHINA”, while the knife grinder and the caption read “craftsman’s spirit or artisan spirit ” clearly.

  Obviously enough, the drawing is attempting to promote the craftsman’s spirit, featuring pursuit of excellence, striving for perfection and customer orientation. When it comes to craftsman’s spirit, watches made in Switzerland, machinery made in Germany as well as management in Japan crowed in upon us. It is the respects and perseverance to such a spirit that build up countless world-famous brands and enterprises in these countries. “All the artisan craftsmanship comes from oral instruction and rote memory”, Malhotra—an old man with an unattractive appearance—has once said, and because of his absorption and specificity, he was appointed as the chief designer on shoes by Chanel, a notable luxury brand in the world. Conversely, the over worship of money has cornered Chinese people to the ultimate anxiety and fickleness. Various as products made in China are, they have no characteristics, thus leaving the enterprises hard to develop any more.

  Apparently, spirit of craftsman lies in nowhere but in tiny area. We are supposed to settle ourselves down and strive to create superior products. Remember, those who can stand still in the storm are people with enduring spirit of craftsman.


  Nowadays, individuality has become a popular term with young people. But what is "individuality"? It is being different from others not only in outside appearance, but also in inner behavior.

  It is comparatively easy for people to be individual from outside. Kinds of clothes, various adornments, colorful dyed hair -- the fashion is changing every day and it is hard to find two dressed identically.

  However, to behave individually is another story. It means making your own decisions, being confident of what you believe in, following no trends but trying to do what you think is right, and speaking out what is in your own mind but not what you hear from others.

  We are living in the time when personal choices are always thought highly of. Don‘t hesitate when you want to express yourself in word or in act, for it is a good way to show your existence and stand out from the crowd.